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 The SuperMAN partners meet in Italy - PHOTOS

Look at some pictures taken during the second partners meeting of the SuperMAN project (SUPERmarkets Meet Accessibility Needs) which took place in Italy from 13 till 16 June 2012. For further information on the SuperMAN project, visit the website www.supermanproject.eu

Wednesday 27/06/2012      

 Diversity is richness - the exibition

Here are some pictures of the public exibition "Diversity is richness" organised by our organization in order to let the people of our community reflect on the concept of diversity from a positive point of view. Some creations made by children of the primary and secondary school of Modigliana have been part of the exibition.

Wednesday 27/06/2012      

 In Frankfurt for senior volunteers

Look at some pictures taken during the seminar on senior volunteering projects which took place in Frankfurt from 15 till 17 February.

Thursday 01/03/2012      

 In France for SuperMan - PHOTOS

From 19 till 22 January, Kara Bobowski was in France for the first meeting of the project SuperMan (Supermarkets Meet Accessibility Needs). Ispired by a french project, the main objective of SuperMan is to let some italian and german supermarkets be accessible for mental disabled people. The project is co-financed by the Europen Commission , Programme Leonardo da Vinci-Transfer of Innovation.

Wednesday 18/01/2012      

 Thanks to our senior volunteers

Yesterday Mr and Mrs Kammandel, senior volunteers in Kara Bobowski for 3 weeks come back to Germany. Thanks :-)

Monday 10/10/2011      

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