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Leonardo da Vinci gives the possibility to carry out trainings in a firm that alternate to training courses in another European Country, in order to put one's abilities into practice and acquire new ones, to improve one's knowledge of a foreign language and relate to a different population and culture.

The projects of the Co-operative

  • FABER (2013/2015 - In progress)

  • COOP-KEYS (2012/2014 - In progress)

  • YOUrope (2011 - Concluded)

  • OLTRE GENIUS (2010 - Concluded)

  • GENIUS II (2007 - Concluded)

  • Training "GENIUS" (2007 - Concluded)
    46 places to UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Lithuania, Rumenia, Hungary
    Length of the project: 14 weeks
    Kind of Training: culture, social, internationalcooperation, not-for-profit/coopertaive system, ICT (new communication and computer science technologies, innovative and creative arts, graphic design), economy (import-export, administration, marketing), engineering, communication, translation and interpretation, environment, tourism, architecture
    Promoter organization: Provincia di Rimini
    Coordination organization: Social Co-operative Kara Bobowski
    Local partners: Provincia di Forlì-Cesena, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna – Polo Scientifico e Didattico di Forlì, Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì, Confcooperative Forlì-Cesena, Confartigianato Forlì, Accademia degli Incamminati, Municipality of Cesenatico, Municipality of Faenza, Municipality of Gatteo, Municipality of Modigliana, Municipality of Russi
    European hosting partners:: DIESIS COOP (Bruxelles, Belgium), EUROPEAN TRAINING SERVICE (Lichfield, United Kingdom), INTER ECHANGES (Paris and Lyon, France), TANDEM (San Sebastian, Spain), INCOMA (Seville, Spain) , FIATALOK (Budapest, Hungary), ARS ELECTRONICA (Linz, Austria), CASA FAENZA (Timisoara, Rumenia), MEC BALTIC (Vilnius, Lithuania)

  • "Work Other Way II - WOW II" Training (2006 - Concluded)
    27 work placements for the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Malta
    Kind of Training: social, co-operative system, international co-operation, education, culture, ethic finance
    Promoter organization: social co-operative Kara Bobowski

  • "Work Other Way - WOW " Training (2005)
    15 work placements for Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium
    Kind of Training: social, co-operative system, international co-operation
    Promoter organization: social co-operative Kara Bobowski

  • "European Training" (2004)
    18 work placements for Ireland, France, Spain
    Kind of Training: Social and international cooperation field
    Promoter organization: social co-operative Kara Bobowski

  • Bergerac (France), 14th June-4th July 2004 Training "Put the school into practice".
    Subject: : training in the field of the services offered to disabled people.
    Participants: 10 girls of the socio-psycho-pedagogic high-schools of Faenza, Forlì, Ravenna.
    Organizing Body: Kara Bobowski.
    Hosting Partner: Association "Les Papillons Blancs"
    Local Partner: Province of Forlì-Cesena.

What is Programme Leonardo?

Where you can go
In Leonardo da Vinci the widening is already a given fact, therefore you can go to many more countries besides the Countries that are members of the European Union.

Who can take part in it
People who live in Italy can participate; Italian citizens who live in a different European Country have to apply to the national Agency of the Country in which they reside (so long as this Country joins the Programme).

3 kinds of training are scheduled:
  • Are you attending a school or a training course for beginners?
    Leonardo da Vinci gives you the opportunity to enrich the grooming you are pursuing in Italy thanks to a job training abroad, that you can carry out either at a school, a Training Institute or a firm. This experience, developed in accordance with your teachers, can last, depending on your level of training, from a minimum of three weeeks to a maximum of nine months.
  • Have you just hold a diploma, have you just graduated or are you a young worker?
    If you finished studying and you're loooking for a job, with Leonardo da Vinci you can achieve your first working experience going to a firm abroad; if on the contrary you are already working you can improve your professional skills becoming a part of a working reality of a different Europen country for some months (minimum two, maximum twelve).
  • Are you a university student?
    If you matriculated or you are attending high school you will have the opportunity to work, for a period included from three to twelve months, in a firm of a different European Country putting your knowledge into practice.

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