The Dragonfly

The modern social rehabilitation centre “The Dragonfly” is located in the centre of Modigliana in a two-floor building with a beautiful indoor garden. The Residential Centre can accomodate 11 young people/adults with moderate and severe disability, while the Daily Centre can accommodate 7 people.

Guests are accomodated in a comfortable and friendly environment.

In addition, in order to meet the basic needs of the guests, the qualified staff tries to help the guest to become more independent in carrying out their daily activities and to strengthen their abilities.

The guests of the center are involved in manipulative and expressive workshops and have many opportunities for socialization and entertainment.

  • excursions in the area
  • moments in the swimming pool
  • holiday at the seaside /in the hills / in the mountains
  • participation in “intercultural exchanges” in Italy and abroad