Services for people with disabilities

The Dragonfly

The modern social rehabilitation centre “The Dragonfly” is located in the centre of Modigliana in a two-floor building with a beautiful indoor garden. The Residential Centre can accomodate 11 young people/adults with moderate and severe disability, while the Daily Centre can accommodate 7 people.

Domiciliary assistance

Support and help for people with disabilities in their daily activities in order to guarantee them a good quality of life and at the same time to give relief to the families which take care of them

Scholastic assistance

Assistance and educational support to children with disabilities during the school hours. The service is provided in the comprehensive schools of Modigliana/Tredozio, Rocca San Casciano and Dovadola, in agreement with each municipality.

Domus Kara

Three little flats with living room/kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are available for the hosting of people with disabilities/disadvantage. The flats are at the second and third floor of the same building as “The Dragonfly” centre.

The ladybird laboratory

Opened in 2003, the social and working center “The ladybird” is a service created to accommodate disadvantaged young people from the community of Modigliana, who would have difficulties to find a job in the traditional labour market. The young people working in the laboratory produce original handicrafts as leather key rings, fabric bags, beauty cases, glasses cases, wardrobe scented sachets and, on request, fancy sweet-boxes are manufactured for special occasions. In 2009 three hundred fancy sweet-boxes were sent to Spain for a wedding.