European sector


Since 1997, Kara Bobowski opened its doors to Europe and began to promote initiatives in the framework of the main European programs addressed mainly at young people. In particular the cooperative:

  • promotes and carries out projects addressed at young people and adults in the context of European programs such as ERASMUS+ and EUROPE FOR CITIZENS;
  • promotes the knowledgeabout Europeans programmes which are of interest to young people through information sessions, trainings and seminars;
  • provides public bodies and third sector organizations which want to take action within these programs with advice and technical support.

The projects carried out by Kara Bobowski deal mainly with international solidarity, vocational training, lifelong learning, social inclusion and also disadvantaged /disabled young people can participate.


The Kara Bobowski works together with several European organizations and is a member of the following international networks: Caravan 2000 (a network among organizations promoting projects addressed to disadvantaged young people), ERY- European Regions for Youth (cooperation between the Emilia Romagna Region and other European Regions in order to cooperate in promoting and organizing projects addressed to young people), SERN (a cooperation network between Sweden and Emilia Romagna).