European Voluntary Service

European Voluntary Service (EVS) was our first love.

In 1998 our European activity began just with EVS and the first hostings of young people from abroad.

Now Europe is a concrete opportunity for us and for all the young people of our area (and not only them!).

After the hosting and sending of more than 200 young volunteers, in 2017 we celebrated our first 20 years of EVS. The best way to celebrate? A new project, for sure.

That’s why the “EVS 20-20” Project was born. It’s an ongoing project with 11 young participants (among them 8 disadvantaged/disabled volunteers).

How to be an EVS volunteer

Would you like to come to our organization as an EVS volunteer?

If you are between 17 and 30 and you have already found a sending organization in your Country, contact us!