Senior volunteers

Europa doesn’t mean only young people. Each person can have opportunities, despite to his/her age.

That’s why in 2009 we started with Senior Volunteering Projects (former “Lifelong Learning” Programme).

As a whole, we have hosted and sent 30 over-50 volunteers (from Germany, France and Italy) who spent abroad 2/3 weeks.

Their motivations?

The desire to meet new people, stay in another Country not as tourists, the opportunity to share their personal and professional experience and follow the “wind of change”.

Thanks to our Senior Volunteers: Umberto, Birgit and Werner, Gibi, Christa C., Giorgio L., Floriana, Susanne, Andrea, Gertrud and Gerd, Teresa, Christa M., Claudio, Gerda, Margherita, Renate and Thomas, Giorgio M., Gigi and Michelle.